Central Park in Girona

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PROJECT: Central Park in Girona


LOCATION: Parcel bounded by a Europe Square , Bisposivilla street, Santa Eugenia street.

DATE: July 1990

SPONSOR: Girona´s City Council

BUILDER: Huarte, S.A.

BUDGET: 1.250.038,07 €

BUILT SURFACE: 55.100 m2

This project is developed during the early important phase of the Plan Especial del Sistema de Espacios Libres del Sector "Parc Central", whose aim was to establish a procedure for reorganizing the new center of Girona.

The project covers the area west of the Renfe viaduct and the bus station. However, it does not include the parking areas between the bus station and the Cornellá Cafes building, nor the part of the "square" which is partially occupied by this building.

The park concept has been influenced by its very strong linear configuration, for the continuity of the longitudinal street and for the delimitation of the site by the train viaduct and the bus station.

The project will base its layout on the treatment of the wooded areas , avoiding the volumes built, except in singular points. This is a proposal that could be called "soft" for its primary use of vegetation as a configuration material of the park and could also be classified as "open" in the sense that it is a space that over the years will be progressively enriched with symbolic, artistic elements or facilities as happens in most city parks.

The Park also concurs with the basic structure determined by the Plan Especial, which articulates its relationship with the city. Within the project we define the actual Park zone, which stretches the longitudinal space between the Plaza de Europa and carretera Santa Eugenia, and the gardens facing the railway platform, which have more specific and complementary uses.


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