Constitution Square

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PROJECT: Execution project of Constitution Square in Girona.

Collaborators: JULI ESTEBAN, ELIAS TORRES, architect.

LOCATION: Clearence between Gran Via Jaume I, Mercadal Church and the north facade of Séquia Street.

DATE: July 1987

SPONSOR: Girona´s  City Council

BUILDER: ------

BUDGET: 807.697,44 €


A garden stages fragments of nature in a bounded and measurable space, following its own inimitable rules. The flower pots are gardens in houses. The Plaza de la Constitución is a "flower pot" in the city. A cluster of trees, familiar to the region´s citizens is recreated in the Plaza. The wooded area grows on a horizontal plane of smooth consistency ideal for walks and large polyhedral volumes of concrete frame the perimeter. This tectonic envelope separates and protects the Plaza from its surrounding streets and defines the boundaries of this urban flower pot.

References and playful details have always been a constant in garden project design to accentuate their surreal and recreational character. Hence the presence of the "coin sculptures "(monedas ) of Girona in front of the Bank of Spain, the "carp heads" (carpas ) of Onyar River, "narcissistic flies" on the trees, the benches with "mohicans", the " megaphone with legs" and the "fountain of words" trickling water from the four rivers of the city.

The girl who symbolizes the Constitution was born in Girona on the day of declaration. For every decade that this date is commemorated, Francisco Lopez will sculpt a new figure of the same girl which will be placed next to the previous one.

The square extends over the roof of a car park and is paved in concrete with a grey-green diamond pattern.

Elevated elements are used both as stands and as ventilation chimneys.


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