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PROJECT: 20 housing, commercial local and 37 parking placesLeer fonéticamente

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LOCATION: Proveça Street, num. 196, BARCELONA

DATE: October, 2005.



Collaborators: Jordi Pujol i Liñán (arquitecto), Carles Sueiras, Celestí Ventura (arqte. Tecnico), Oriol Admetlla (jefe de obra).

BUDGET: 1.031.107,17 euros

BUILT SURFACE: 3.447,05m2

The building consists of three levels of underground car park, a ground floor (with mezzanine) and five floors with a facade width of 12 meters that corresponds with the majority most tenement buildings in Eixample.

On the Calle Provenza façade, the ground floor is subdivided in to a commercial premises and the access to the lobby and car park, while the ground floor facade in the interior courtyard block is occupied by two "Duplex" apartments with garden.

The typological solution on the fifth floor is composed differently from the rest of the façade, breaking the buildings symmetry with the emergence of a dwelling which seeks to emulate the expressive value of the formerly desirable "entresuelos" (typical ´half floors´ between the ground and first floors) whose desirability, thanks to the advent of elevator technology, has now been usurped by the better environmental conditions and exposure to sun of the upper levels.

The solution proposed for the Calle Provenza façade, an important location within the renowned Eixample district, is designed to interpret the patterns characteristic of this important architectural and urban area, using language more typical of contemporary architecture and featuring a flat and symmetrical treatment of the facade with the appearance of vertical glass elements that will give the façade with a degree of verticality, as required by the strict regulations in this sector of the city.

The rear façade opening on to the internal block courtyard has spacious balconies that allow you to enjoy the optimum orientation, while the placement of some coiled masonry to provide shade recovers the "galleries" of the typical internal courtyards of the Eixample.

A dual set of colours (grey and white) between the plane of the rear façade and the planes formed by the "screens" creates a dynamic and varied composition that gives identity to the building.


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