Matadepera Housing

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PROJECT: 36  public housing in Matadeperas

Collaborators: LAURA GARCIA, architect., ELISABETH AGUILAR architecture student ., BRUFAU-CUSÓ ESTUDI D’ARQUITECTURA S.L.., ARQUIBLAU 5.5. S.L., (structures), OFINGAR INGENIEROS S.L.

LOCATION: Building block between the Massot Avenue, the Balmes street, Sant Quirze and La Florida.

DATE: November 2006

SPONSOR: Matadepera City Council / LLoc Nou


BUDGET: 1.618.821,39 €

BUILT SURFACE: 3.947,61 m2

The project is organized based on a homogeneous distribution of the typology designed over the entire site; this determines a uniform pattern of longitudinal and transversal routes that structure clearly and strongly the final image.

This pattern is split into two levels (ground floor and first floor) which are connected by a system of strategically arranged stairs. This will allow same level access to the dwellings located on the ground floor (50% of the total) and facilities of the other houses by means of both the stairs and elevators. Ten of the dwellings on the upper floor will be duplexes. The upper floor dwellings that can be accessed by elevator are all 'visitable". All apartments will have cross ventilation.

The proposed model allows for open spaces linked by different pedestrian routes reducing the cost of them. The planting of trees in the area close to the streets are located outside the boundary of the underground parking.

In terms of road and parking network, an underground car park system is proposed connecting the two sections, reducing the number of entrances and exits plus a parking area is proposed along the streets of Calle Balmes and Calle Florida.

At this stage, a car park of 36 spaces will be built, 4 of which are for disabled drivers. A storage area will also be set aside in the basement level, with a total of 18 storage rooms on the upper basement level with a further 18 in the lower basement plus a communal storage room.


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