Nápols Housings

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The project comprises the ground floor and mezzanine, with the planned creation of three premises without specific use (functions dependant on the license granted) and three duplex apartments with direct access to the inner courtyard of the block, five floors with six dwellings per landing and two basement floors for parking.

As the building is located very near the Sagrada Familia within the 'Ensanche' district of Barcelona, the Calle Napols façade will aim to be a modern interpretation of the conditions inherent in the "Ensanche typology" projecting the dictates of the strict rules that are required in this area.

The façade achieves the regulatory requirements, such as a flat and symmetrical treatment, through the creation of vertical wooden slats with holes in the timber, reminiscent of "bar codes', all reaffirming the desired vertical composition.

The flatness of the facade, in this case and in line with what the local council allows, is justified since the split of the reference plane of the block (natural stone) with another plane at 45 cm (aluminium and glass flying plane). The differential treatment of the two planes reinforces the concept of dual flatness.

These metal panels have a horizontal opening system and are pierced with patterns designed to interact with the sun and create transparency.

The external cladding will feature fine materials such as pale grey quartzite to harmonise and reference the neighbouring typologies.


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