Naiara Montero Viar, Architect

1975  Born in Barcelona

1992-2000 She studied architecture  at ETSAB (School of Architecture in Barcelona) During this period she work in several professional studios.  

1996 -1998 Works in the Ignasi de Sola Morales´ architectural studio in Barcelona.

1998 Works in the Belén Moneo´s architectural studio of in New York. 

1999-2000 Works in the Antonio de Moraga’s in Barcelona. 

2000-2003 She finished her studies  and moved to London working as an architect in the architectural studio of Sir Nicholas Grimshaw. 

2003-2005 Architect responsible for the work of the Foundation Caixa Galicia Coruna signed by the architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw

2005-Present Form her own study. Works:

(2005- 2006)  Lasarte Restaurant of Martin Berasategui in Barcelona

(2004-2006)   Rehabilitation of the Old City Loft, A Coruña

(2006-2006)  College sports ground cover Culleredo Blanco Amor, A Coruña.

(2006- 2007)  Loidi  Restaurant de Martin Berasategui  in Barcelona

(2006- 2008) Exhibition Mounting the Ribeira Sacra wines in Monforte de Lemos, Galicia. 

(2006- 2008) Reform of Building  of the College of Technical Architects in Madrid. 

(2008) Reformof the home office of Caixa Galicia, A Coruña.

(2008) Competition for new Interpretation Centre of Dance in Rio Pedroso, Orense.

(2008) Coffee shop  of Caixa Galicia Foundation in Ferrol. 

(2009) International Competition Winner renewal San Sebastian´s of Tobacco Factory. 

(2010-Present) Renewal San Sebastian´s of Tobacco Factory. 

(2010) Competition for the new fish market, in Pais Vasco.

(2010) Competition for the new fich market of Ribeira, Galicia

(2010) Competion for the new Courts of Huercal-Overa, Almería.

2006- 2009 Architect responsible for all works of Caixa Galicia Fondation.

Publications and Awards.

2002 Collaboration in the publication in Interior Design magazine "Report of a loft in Manhattan".

2005 Publication in the La Vanguardia Magazzine "young architects living in the old towns".

2006 Publication in Casa Viva "Reform of housing in the old city, A Coruña designed by Naiara Montero".

2008 Published article written by Naiara Montero in the journal "Cercha" about the rehabilitation of the Official College of Technical Architects in Madrid.

2009 Second prize winner in the category of Interior Decoration for the Interior Renovation of a house in the old town of A Coruña.

Academic activity.

2000 Post-graduate studies "Interior and Interior"by the University of Barcelona.• • 2007-2009 Studies doctoral courses  DEA at the University of  A Coruña.

2009-Present Preparing Ph.D. in the  Polytechnic University of Barcelona.

2008-Present Professor at the Technical University of Architecture (CESUGA. University College Dublin.).

Barcelona Studio - C/ Balmes 297, 3º2ªB, 08006 Barcelona Tel./ +34 93 240 20 38 Fax./ +34 93 534 00 46 · Coruña Studio - C/ Tinajas 16, 5º, 15001 La Coruña Tel./ +34 981 206 105