C.V. Jon Montero Madariaga                                                                            architect (Barcelona, 1944)


University degree issued by ETSAB (School of Architecture in Barcelona) (1969).

Professional studio shared with Juli Esteban and Antonio Font (1973 – 2003).

Currently, he runs his own office located in Bacelona,  (Balmes street, nº297) , and he is part of a team named TAU (Taller de Arquitectura y Urbanismo), made up of several professional collaborators.

Member of the civil service as Head of the Metropolitan Projectes department in AMMB (“Mancomunidad de Municipios del Área Metropolitana”, Barcelona. (1975 – at present)

Several works in large-scale city planning operations, architecture and urban design.

Interests: Master Plan of Girona (1986). Apartment building (143 units) placed on Diagonal Avenue, in Barcelona (1986). “Olympic Village” Seafront  in Barcelona (1992). Hotel “Melià Golf Vichy Català” with 250 rooms in the Golf course of Caldes de Malavella (Girona 2005). Urbanization of the area called “Sector Bon Salvador” (Sant Feliu de Llobregat) and construction of 5 apartment buildings (total: 500 dwelling places)

National award of Urbanism, 1983.

FAD’s award finalist in the open space category, 1989.

Headmaster of the architecture course called “The landscape scales” in the International University “Menéndez y Pelayo” (Santander, 1994).

Director of Arquinfad (FAD association of architects and interior designers) 1998-2005.

Member of the jury in the FAD Awards for Architecture, Interior Design, Temporary Interventions, Thought and Criticism, and City and Landscape, 1998-2005.

Member of the  Technical Committee “Ensanche de Barcelona” (City Council of Barcelona) 2000-2005.

Winner of the competition “Council Housing (100 apartments) in Matadepera”. (February, 2006)

Winner of the competition “Architectural Renovation for Tabakalera” in San Sebastián, (December 2008)

FAD’s award in the architecture category with an apartment builiding placed on Provença Street in Barcelona, 2007.

He has given several lectures and taken part in numerous architecture courses.

Editor of several specialist press reports.

Currently, he is an Associated Professor of Projects in the University called “School of Architecture of “la Salle”,  Barcelona.


(in collaboration with Juli Esteban and Antonio Font)

Building works :

Hotel inVelilla del Rio Carrión (Palencia). 1975

School in Saldaña (Palencia). 1976

Fleming tower: council housing (143 apartments) in Diagonal Avenue, Barcelona. 1986

Primary school in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona. 1993

Apartment Building (46 units) in Horta Street, Barcelona. 1998

Town planning :

“Dels Plans” Park in Hospitalet del Llobregat, Barcelona. 1987

“Torre Vermella” Park in Viladecans, Barcelona. 1988

Central Park in Girona. 1990

Constitution Square in Girona 1991 (co-architect: Elías Torres)

“Olympic Village” Seafront, Barcelona. 1992

Castelldefels Seafront, Barcelona. 1992

Golf course of Caldes de Malavella, Girona. 1996

Urban planning :

Master Plan of Lloret de Mar, Girona. 1976

Master Plan of Port de la Selva, Girona. 1980

Master Plan of Figueres, Girona. 1982

Master Plan of Mollet del Vallés, Barcelona. 1982

Master Plan of Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona. 1983

Development Plan of RENFE I y RENFE II (Girona). 1985

Development Plan of the industrial area of Celrà, Girona. 1986

Master Plan of Girona. 1986

Development Plan of the Golf course of Caldes de Malavella, Girona. 1992

Environmental management plan for ring roads in Barcelona. 1994

Master Plan of Barberà del Vallés, Barcelona. 1996


Building works:

Mixed use building: elderly residence, church and library in San Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona. 2003

Enlargement works for the Hotel “Comtes de Barcelona” in Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona. 2005

Hotel of 250 rooms in the Golf course of Caldes de Malavella, Girona. 2005

Apartment building in Provença Street, Barcelona. 2006

Apartment building in Mallorca Street, Barcelona. 2007

Apartment buildings (45 dwellings) in Sector de Cal Doctor, Alella, Barcelona. 2006

3 Apartment buildings and 2 apartment towers (total: 500 dwellings; 1st.phase 147) in sector “Bon Salvador” en Sant Feliu de Llobregat. 2007

Council Housing (100 apartments) in Matadepera, Barcelona (1st. phase: 36 dwellings (in process). 2007

Urban design:

Urban development in “sector de Cal Doctor”, Alella, Barcelona. 2005

Urban development in “sector Bon Salvador”, Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona. 2006

Urban development in SUD 4 Housing area “Riera Capaspre” i SUD 6 Industrial area in Calella de Mar. (Initial approval under way, 2008)

Urban planning:

Master Plan of “sector de Cal Doctor en Alella”, Barcelona. 2004

Master Plan of “sector Bon Salvador de Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona. 2005

Master Plan of Besalú, Girona. 2006

Master Plan for the new city Makka (850.000 residents) in Saudi Arabia. 2006


Winner of the competition for the construction of Council Housing (100 apartments), in Matadepera, Barcelona. 2007

Winner of the international competition for the architectural renovation of Tabakalera, in San Sebastián-Donostia, País Vasco. 2008

Other works:

Loidi restaurant(interior design) in Barcelona (co-architect: Naiara Montero Víar). 2007

Renovation of a private garden with a new rooftop and a swimming pool in Plentzia, Bizkaia. 2007


2005-2006.     Arquitectura Plus  magazine: “Work of 44 spanish architects ” vol. 3 pag. 114-115:

Article titled “Urban commitment, social faith” (Jon Montero’s work through three selected projects)

2007.              Via Hotel magazione, nº 6 (may 2007) pag. 23. Article titled “Hotel Melià Golf Vichy Catalán refer us to the mediterranean tradition of modernity”.

2007.              Future Arquitectures magazine, nº 6 (2007) pág. 32-35. Article titled “Catifes. Council Housing in Matadepera.

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